Baby Holiday Card Outtakes

We had our baby Rose in August and decided to hold off on an official birth announcement and instead do as our first family holiday card.  Even though I have a background in photography, I have taken less photos of Rose with my professional camera than I thought I would. It’s just so hard to get the lighting right and set everything up, and I am often unable to catch the real special moments when I have my big camera. This was especially the case when she was really small. I also didn’t want to always focus so much on taking the “perfect” image when really all I want to do is snap away with my phone. But now that she is past the newborn stage, it’s getting easier to do more professional shoots that result in some really print-worthy images.

So me and my husband Tommy made it happen one afternoon and managed to get a great shot for our holiday card — and we even got Rose to successfully wear a flower crown! The main point of this post is to show that no matter how good the final image looks, there are dozens that just plain don’t work, especially when you’re working with a baby. We are thrilled with the final result. Here’s the photo we ended up using:

And the final card:

But it’s more fun to see the outtakes, and we had tons. Here are just a few…

Happy Holidays!!!

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