DIY Copper Pipe Necklace

DIY Copper Pipe NecklaceAll you need for these DIY copper pipe necklaces are black cord and copper pipe. If you only make the small one the only work involved is cutting the cord with a pair of scissors! Dress them up or down, either way they rock.

1/2 inch copper coupling
Black Cord (I had some left over but anything will do. Here’s a link to a good choice on Amazon.)

If you want to do the larger one you will also need:
Copper pipe  (I bought a 10ft pipe and cut it down into a 3″ piece)
Pipe Cutter

Copper Necklace

For the smaller necklace, all you have to do is thread the copper coupling onto the back cord and tie. For the larger necklace, cut the copper pipe into a 3″inch piece with the pipe cutter and place onto another piece of black cord.


RabitRabbitCo_patio (1 of 2) RabitRabbitCo_patio (2 of 2)

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