DIY Cotton Candy Costume for Baby

diy cotton candy costumeWhat’s better than the first Halloween with a new baby? The costume ideas are endless and the sweet ones are still too little to have an opinion on the matter. There are so many DIY Halloween costume ideas out there but because we’re still talking about dealing with an infant here, I wanted to make sure ours was fast and easy.

This DIY cotton candy costume is just so freaking cute and SUPER easy. Seriously, anyone can do it.

*Because I used polyester batting and didn’t spray any adhesive or anything on it to keep it together, the costume is especially good for an infant that isn’t extremely mobile since the batting can pull apart with a lot of movement.



Step 1: Dye your batting per the instructions on the dye pack. I used iDye Poly in Pink. I wanted the color to be light so I didn’t use the included Color Intensifier packet. The directions for this particular brand call for putting the fabric (in this case polyester batting) into a large pot of boiling water with the dye for 30-60 minutes to get a really intense pink color. I had to dye the batting in three batches and realized after the first batch that the batting only needed to be in the water for a few minutes to get the light color I wanted.

Below you can see a sample from each of the three batches. The darkest was put in boiling water with dye for 15 minutes, the middle batch was put in water that had been boiled and then the heat turned off for eight minutes, and the lightest batch (which is what I was going for) was left in hot water for only five minutes.


A word of caution: I did this on a cold, rainy day, which was not a good idea. After each batch you have to take a wet clump of batting that is dripping with pink dye out of a pot of hot water. Not good for the house unless you want everything to be hot pink. The best case scenario is to do it on a day when you can bring the pot outside, wait for the hot water to cool, ring out the batting while wearing plastic gloves, and leave it out on a flattened cardboard box in the sun to dry.

Since it was raining and cold, I couldn’t do this and was left with piles of pink batting that had big drops of pink water in it EVERYWHERE. For the next two days I periodically tried to speed up the drying process by rolling it in an old towel. So, if you can leave it in the sun to dry that is definitely the way to go.

Here’s what it looked like when it all dried.


I also dyed a pair of infant pants, a long sleeve shirt and a hat in the same pot. It took only two minutes in the hot liquid to get it to a nice light pink.

Step 2: Glue the batting to the baby clothes. I just took large handfuls of batting and began gluing it to the clothing with a hot glue gun. I only did the front but you could do it all the way around. It’s up to you.


Step 3: Use printer paper or a sheet of white paper from a large sketch book to make the cone and glue to the hat.

That’s it!! Now just make sure baby is happy and fed before attempting a photo shoot!

Good luck!




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