Free Hot Air Balloon Photo Download

RabbitRabbitCo_HotAirBalloons_watermarkWho doesn’t love a free photo download — and hot air balloons!

Spring time always makes me want to freshen up the house so I thought about getting a few new images printed and framed. As I was going through my photos I came across this hot air balloon photo from a festival we went to a few years ago in Connecticut. For some reason, I had always wanted to see a hot air balloon live and in the flesh. So, I found a festival a few hours away from us in Boston and we drove out there to take a look. Apparently, the balloons can only take off at either dawn or dusk when wind conditions are mild so we woke up at like 3:30 in the morning and made it just in time.

I think this photo could work in a kids room or nursery and it is high-res enough to be printed and framed.

Click here to get the high-resolution image without the watermark.


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