Gifts For The Party Host

imageA friend invites you to a party and you show up with a bottle of wine…totally fine, unless, you bring something even cooler. Here are some ideas to help step up your gift game and keep the invites rolling in.

  1. Bitters Gift Box
    How could you not gift something that looks like this, is used to make delicious cocktails, and is called the Scrappy’s Bitters Exotic Gift Box. It’s like a Wes Anderson movie in a box.
  2. Gourmet Caramels Gift Set
    How about this Toadally Cute Petit Caramel Gift Box from Fat Toad Farms? For the past 8 years the family-run Fat Toad Farm has been building a high-quality herd of Alpine milking goats and perfecting the art of caramel making. Check out this video that shows the whole process from the goats grazing to shipping out each jar.Toadally_Cute_Gift_Box_1000_
  3. Petits Fours Gift Set
    Petits Fours Gift Sets from Valerie Confections could not be a more perfect party gift. As a finishing touch, they are topped with edible 23-karat gold and flower petals!
    champagne_petits_fours_white_420p72dpiPetit Fours Bouquet
  4. Long Taper Candles with Watercolor Matchbook Boxes
    Make sure the party keeps rocking after dark with these extra long hot pink taper candles from Creative Candles. Accompany with matches in pretty reusable matchbook boxes from Elizabeth’s Embellishments.
    Watercolor Matchbook BoxBee Matchbook Box
  5. Extracts from Charles H. Baldwin & Sons
    Not just for the professional pastry chef, high-quality extracts are far superior than the imitation variety everyone is tempted to buy because they are just so much cheaper than the real thing. These are great for baking and even better in cocktails. Try Cherry Heart, Pistachio, or Black Walnut from Baldwin Brothers.

    (Here’s a cool video about the historic Baldwin Brothers factory from Martha Stewart)
  6. Flower Waters
    Yes, flower waters. The holidays are so lovely that all we do is sit around and drink flower water cocktails and eat gold-topped petit fours. Pick up the  Fee Brothers Botanical Flower Water Sample Set at KegWorks. Awesome cocktails are waiting…
  7. Illustrated Tea Towel
    Brighten up your kitchen and tabletop with these colorful tea towels from Poketo created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator Mel Kadel. (Found via this funny article from Huffington Post, What The Heck Are Tea Towels, Anyway?)
    Mel Kadel Tea Towel from Poketo
  8. Fabulous Flowers
    Same-day delivery flowers grown on the side of a volcano from The Bouqs. They are so gorgeous and so much better than any other flowers you’ve given.

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