Marbled Paper Stationery

marble paper stationaryA few weeks ago I did a DIY paper marbling project which resulted in sheets of the most beautiful marbled paper. I plan on using the paper for a variety of projects and first on the list was handmade stationery. Our Aunt Cathy is a wonderful knitter and was kind enough to make some adorable booties for our friend’s new baby. As a thank you, I wanted to give her something homemade.

This stationery set makes the perfect holiday or hostess gift. And it is so rewarding to know that not only did you make the envelope the paper is handmade too!


  • 6 sheets of handmade marbled ink paper (this will result in 5 A2 size envelopes and two smaller envelopes)
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Envelope templates

I used a few envelopes that I had around the house but there are so many great templates available to download for free. Here are a few different variations of the A2 envelope and smaller 2×3 template.

Just trace and cut out the template, then fold using a ruler for more precise lines. I used Mod Podge to glue together and added blank pieces of paper inside for notes.

marble paper stationary

RabitRabbit_stationary (6 of 14)

RabitRabbit_stationary (1 of 1)-3 marble paper stationary

The result?
DIY stationery that is almost too cool to use…

DIY Marble Stationary Set


DIY Marble Paper StationaryGood luck!

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