Matte Black Pumpkin

I had no time this year to even think about Halloween decorations and at the last minute we realized that we weren’t going to be home during trick-or-treating. We did the whole put-out-a-bowl-of-candy-thing, even though we know that the first few kids probably just poured the entire bowl into their bags (we know, we did it too…) but at least we weren’t the creepy neighbors with the dark porch.

Right before we were about to leave, I realized that the porch looked really lame with no pumpkins or anything festive (except for the soon-to-be-empty candy bowl). I had less than an hour so I decided to take some inspiration from a few other no-carve pumpkin decorating tutorials and just use spray paint. But I wanted it to be jet black with zero sheen. We had some Rustoleum High Heat Spray in Bar-B-Que Black from when I spray painted over the rust on our iron patio table we found on the side of the road. (Any matte black spray paint would work fine.)

So, I ran out to the store, grabbed a few pumpkins and painted the biggest one matte black. Because I was short on time I could only do one thick coat. Next time I would do a few thinner coats to make sure the whole pumpkin is covered.

It came out great considering it literally took less than 10 minutes.



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