Sumi Ink Paper Marbling

RabbitRabbit_SumiInkJapanese paper marbling involves floating sumi ink on water to create beautiful patterns that are then transferred to paper. The sumi ink marbling technique is an inexpensive and easy way to create frame-worthy paper art.

Here’s what you need:
Black Ink: Yasutomo Liquid Sumi Black Ink 2oz
Wetting agent (makes the black ink disperse)
Paper: Yasutomo Hosho Sketch Paper 9×12 (rice paper)
Brush: Chinese Calligraphy Brush (any cheap calligraphy brush will do)
Ink Dropper


Start by filling a dish with about 2 inches of tap water.


Dip the brush in ink and place a drop in the middle of the dish. Then disperse the ink by placing a drop of the ox gall in the center of the ink.  RabbitRabbit_SumiInk-2

Repeat the process until you get a pattern that you like. Experimentation is key and you’ll get different results each time.RabbitRabbit_SumiInk-3RabbitRabbit_SumiInk-4RabbitRabbit_SumiInk-5RabbitRabbit_SumiInk-6

Drop the paper right onto the ink (make sure your hands are dry so the paper doesn’t get wet before it comes in contact with the ink).


Hang to dry and repeat! Once you’re done, turn your fabulous paper into handmade stationery in just a few easy steps.

Good luck!




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