Wax Paper Chandelier

RabbitRabbit_WaxPaperChandelier-13This is a project that I first did when we rented to cover up the horrible light that was in our dining room without having to do any electrical work. We now own a house but we are preparing to redo out kitchen so I wanted something inexpensive to cover the generic light that came with the house until we decide on a permanent fixture. Pottery Barn has a great one that I used as inspiration.

I like the way this DIY wax paper capiz shell chandelier turned out so much that we may keep it permanently. If we do, I’ll have to rework a bit since right now it is literally sitting over the current fixture. It’s a really great project for renters!

I ironed together three sheets of wax paper between a thin cotton dishcloth. You can also iron between sheets of parchment paper.

RabbitRabbit_WaxPaperChandelier-2 RabbitRabbit_WaxPaperChandelier-3


Next up is making all of those faux shells. I used a 1 1/2 inch punch and just went to town. I needed like 500 hundred so it took some time but it was easy work.


You do have to use a sewing machine but it is easy and goes quickly once you get the hang of it. Here is a short video of the sewing process just so you can see it come together.


I used a glue gun and just covered the basket in three tiers. I had a basket kicking around in the basement but here is an example of one you could use from Home Depot. (The hearts would not be visible..)



Ta da!

RabbitRabbit_WaxPaperChandelier-15 RabbitRabbit_WaxPaperChandelier-14

And it’s just wax paper! Imagine all of the holiday decorating you could do with the leftover wax paper strings…

Good luck!


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